Catherine Ashly 

A Philadelphia native, Catherine embodies the true spirit of sisterly affection. She has innate ability to meet and a make a genuine connection with all whom she encounters. Utilizing this character trait, Catherine has built the PCW brand to be genuine, impactful and unique in the way that it engages its supporters and followers. 


Catherine is a growing force to be reckoned with. She believes that collaboration and partnership leads to strong growth abilities.  As a result she often invests by sponsoring events to ensure that more brands are able to experience similar success to hers. As PCW grows, Catherine plans to use her influence to uplift, empower and inspire others to follow their dreams and bridge the gaps between the impossible to the achievable. The Body Positive community needs more unity and support and it is Catherine's goal to continue to provide healthy environments and empowering platforms enriched with self acceptance and self love

Philadelphia PA 19012

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